Fees for Services

Therapy and Counseling Fees:

As an essential self care tool, therapeutic services are an investment in you.  Many people desire to utilize insurance for services and I am happy to bill insurance as an out of network provider. when appropriate. I would bill as an out of network provider.  I am in network with a few insurance companies.

Please note*  Insurance can be billed when it is medically necessary.  Please note that couple’s counseling is not covered by most insurance unless there is medical necessity.

I do offer some reduced fee appointments for persons with limited financial resources.  Please speak with me prior to a first session about your situation.

Fee for Services:

30 minute consultation                                       $80

40 minute session                                                 $120

60 minute session for adults                              $175

80 minute session for individuals or couples. $ 240

For your convenience I am able to accept most credit cards, HSA accounts, and also accept checks, and cash and will either bill your insurance company for you or provide paperwork to you so that you may be reimbursed for sessions when appropriate.

Supervision Fees:

Fees for Supervision for people seeking licensure as a professional counselor in the State of Oregon:

Individual Supervision:  $120 per 60 minute session.

Group Supervision:  2 or more people, $60 per person for a 60 minute session.

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